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Aug 30

Michael Boling – A Form of Godliness: Fasting, Social Justice and the Sabbath: An Exposition of Isaiah 58:1-14

Exposition of the Text Introduction The pericope of Isaiah 58:1-14 is an exhortation-laden oracle denouncing Israel’s lack of spiritual perspicuity and their penchant to acquiesce to pagan cultic rituals as a method to coerce God into action. Through the prophet Isaiah, God declared that a complete dĂ©nouement to such behavior was a precursor to the …

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Apr 03

Michael Boling – Isaiah 58 and the Observance of the Sabbath

What is the Sabbath and why does the mention of that word cause such a stir at times among Christians? Dare mention observing the Sabbath and you are almost immediately declared to be trying to earn your way into heaven. Is such a response to the Sabbath biblically valid? Is a day dedicated to the …

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