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Dec 01

Jason Allen – 10 Tips for Leading Kids to Christ

My greatest stewardship in life is not training a generation of students at Midwestern Seminary. It is training my five young children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I feel the weight — and glory — of this stewardship daily and find immeasurable fulfillment and joy as I see my children taking steps …

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Jan 22

Jason Allen – How Do You Know if a Sermon is Expository?

What constitutes an expository sermon? Better yet, how might the preacher know if he has preached an expository sermon, and how might the congregation know if they’ve heard one? The question is a bit more angular than one might initially perceive. It is a question that has struck me in recent months, as I have …

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Sep 06

Jason Allen – 3 Motivations for Parents to Avoid

As the father of five young children, I live with an ever-present awareness that my greatest stewardship is my children. Many men can preach a sermon and more than a few can be a seminary president, but only one can father these five children. Thus, my wife and I approach our family with a profound …

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Sep 07

Jason Allen – Where Are The Godly Men?

Where have all the godly men gone? These days I ponder that question with increased frequency and concern. If the lack of godly men were only a matter of personality or ministerial preference, then little would be lost. Such is not the case, though. The church is in great need of awakening and renewal; and, …

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