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Jul 13

Ken Ham – Desensitized to Death?

The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. (1 Corinthians 15:26) The Bible tells us that death is an “enemy,” and that one day it will be “cast into the lake of fire” (Revelation 20:14). I know “desensitized” is not a commonly used word, but I use it to challenge us with this question: …

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Apr 28

Ken Ham, Steve Golden, Jeremy Ham, and David Chakranarayan – Does the Bible Tell Christians to Judge Not?

We live in a world that increasingly strives to (supposedly) promote the idea of tolerance, but actually becomes intolerant of Christian absolutes as it does so. Whether it involves religion, behavior, or human sexuality, there is a growing anti-Christian sentiment in America and other Western nations. Ultimately, built into this “tolerance” is the concept that …

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May 03

Ken Ham – The Chasm Is Widening: Are You on God’s Side?

The increasing anti-Christian attacks in America should be a warning to the church that the chasm is widening between what is Christian and what is not in this nation. People can no longer straddle both sides of the chasm. It’s getting very wide. They will have to finally decide which side they are on! And …

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Feb 09

Ken Ham – The Lie: Evolution (Genesis—The Key to Defending Your Faith)

After a lecture, a young man approached me — “What you said . . . it’s suddenly like a light bulb lighting up in my head!” A young lady standing nearby stated, “I realized today that my understanding of Christianity was like starting in the middle of a movie — you took me back to …

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Jan 22

Tony Breeden – Was Noah A Millionaire? James McGrath’s Theology Stumbles On Scripture

What you’re about to read is what happens when a man who doubts the historical veracity of the Bible finds something in the Bible that contradicts his loosely Bible-inspired theology. Basically, he’s stubbed an opinion on a passage of Scripture. It’s sad. It’s instructive. It underscores the truth of Jesus’ warning in John 3:12 about …

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