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Feb 16

C. O. Rosenius – The Purpose of the Law

“Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” — Romans 5:20 Nothing else helps! Man can never be made to pay the right homage to the Taker-away of his sins if he is not driven and compelled by the sin and the Law. God is …

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Dec 10

Jeff Robinson – Some Reasons Personal Holiness has been Neglected in American Churches

“Good works, performed in obedience to God’s commandments, are these: the fruits and evidences of a true and living faith. By these believers express and show their thankfulness, strengthen their assurance, edify their brethren, adorn the profession of the Gospel, stop the mouths of adversaries, and glorify God, whose workmanship they are, created in Christ …

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Dec 04

Charles Spurgeon – Grace Abounding Over Abounding Sin

“Moreover the Law entered, that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” Romans 5:20 The first sentence will serve as a preface. The second sentence will be the actual text. “Moreover the Law entered, that the offense might abound.” Man was a sinner before the Law of Ten Commandments …

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Nov 21

Bryan Chapell – Can Grace and Law Coexist?

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Nov 09

Tom Hawkes – Holiness is Our Goal

You shall be holy, for I am holy. Recently Dr. Ed Welch, a man for whose ministry I have great respect and have benefited from immensely, wrote a blog post entitled, “https://www.ccef.org/resources/blog/holiness-not-goal” I wish to respectfully, and carefully, disagree. I wish to disagree, not so much with the sentiment of his article, to which I …

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Aug 31

Greg Bahnsen – God’s Unchanging Holiness and Law

There is a sense in which the aim of every man’s life is to be like God. All men are striving to imitate God in one way or another. Of course not all attempts to be like God are honored by the Lord and rewarded with His favor, for there is a radical difference between …

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Jun 29

Sinclair Ferguson – Oh How I Love Your Law!

At a PGA Tour tournament in October 2015, Ben Crane disqualified himself after completing his second round. He did so at considerable financial cost. No matter — Crane believed the personal cost of not doing it would be greater (encouraged by a devotional article he had read that morning by Davis Love III, the distinguished …

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May 07

Ryan Reeves – What is Antinomianism and Who Teaches It?

Steve Furtick used a bad sermon analogy, saying ‘God broke the Law for love’. Blogs have come out about it. At this point it is unclear to me if this is a case of sloppy sermonizing or bad theologizing (the two are not always the same). Let’s assume it’s the latter. At the very least …

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Apr 27

John Colquhoun – The Establishment of the Law by the Gospel

Although in the preceding chapter I have anticipated some of the thoughts which will be expressed here, yet the subject of this chapter is of such inexpressible importance that I cannot forbear considering it by itself. After the Apostle Paul had, in the third chapter of his epistle to the Romans, asserted and proved that …

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Mar 20

John Frame – Law and Gospel

It has become increasingly common in Reformed circles, as it has long been in Lutheran circles, to say that the distinction between law and gospel is the key to sound theology, even to say that to differ with certain traditional formulations of this distinction is to deny the gospel itself. Sometimes this argument employs Scripture …

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