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Jun 21

Dr. John MacArthur – Personal Evangelism 101: Offer God’s Mercy

Too many modern evangelistic methods offer the wrong thing. The point of the gospel is not to bring contentment, purpose, or a sense of completeness to your life. It’s not about unlocking God’s plan for your happiness or fulfillment. Those are often by-products of saving faith, but none of them is the primary focus of …

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Oct 08

James M. Hamilton Jr. – How Does Hell Glorify God?

To get at the way that hell glorifies God, we need to see hell in light of the Bible’s big story, its point of view, and its characterization of God and man. THE BIBLE’S BIG STORY The Bible’s plot, like all plots, has a beginning, middle, and end. Beginning God creates a perfect place and …

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Apr 28

Stephen Altrogge – How To Pray For The Man Who Kills Babies

Kermit Gosnell is currently on trial for the twenty-plus years of atrocities that took place in his abortion clinic. The details of what actually happened in that clinic are enough to make you vomit, scream, and want to punch a wall. The more I read about the case the more it becomes clear that Kermit …

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Apr 05

Tom Ascol – 4 Truths About Hell

“There is one very serious defect to my mind in Christ’s moral character, and that is that He believed in hell.” So wrote the agnostic British philosopher Bertrand Russell in 1967. The idea of eternal punishment for sin, he further notes, is “a doctrine that put cruelty in the world and gave the world generations …

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May 14

Dave Jenkins – A Biblical Approach to the Gosnell Verdict

Recently, I’ve written quite a lot on the Gosnell case. In my opinion it’s one of the watershed cases of our generation as it has opened many people’s eyes to include myself regarding the horror of abortion. Before this case I believed abortion was wrong but I was mostly silent on the issue other than …

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