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Jul 04

Mike Riccardi – Suffering Well: Trusting God’s Absolute Sovereignty

Several years ago, Justin Taylor linked to a moving and encouraging account of a pastor coming to grips with the fact that his second child, like his first, would be born with spina bifida. Amazingly, this man has found great comfort in rejecting the common notion that God will merely use this bad situation for …

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Nov 08

Mike Riccardi – God and Evil: Why the Ultimate Cause is not the Chargeable Cause

Several weeks ago, I began a series of posts by outlining some foundational biblical teaching about God’s decree. We examined numerous passages of Scripture that speak of God’s decree as eternal, unconditional, unchangeable, and exhaustive. As a result, we concluded that God is properly said to be the ultimate cause of all things. As the …

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Dec 20

Mike Riccardi – Bad Doctrine vs. Heresy: An Exercise in Theological Triage

More than ten years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!), Al Mohler wrote a seminal blog post outlining what he called “theological triage.” Borrowing the term from the emergency room, Mohler discussed the need for Christians to prioritize certain doctrinal issues over others. In what can be the chaos of an emergency room, medical …

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Sep 28

Mike Riccardi – I Will Surely Tell of the Decree of the Lord

In numerous passages throughout the Bible, there are places where Scripture speaks of God’s “purpose” (Acts 4:28), His “plan” (Ps 33:11); Acts 2:23), His “counsel” (Eph 1:11), “good pleasure” (Isa 46:10), or “will” (Eph 1:5). In one way or another, each of these designations refer to what theologians call God’s decree. The Westminster Confession famously …

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Jul 27

Mike Riccardi – Theories of the Atonement: What Happened on the Cross?

Throughout church history, there have been various views and theories that conceptualize the nature of Christ’s work on the cross. Because the atonement runs to the very heart of the Gospel, it’s important for us to know how people throughout the history of the church have understood the work of Christ, and to be able …

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Jul 01

Mike Riccardi – Romans 8 and the Extent of the Atonement: Help from John Murray

The extent of the atonement continues to be one of those doctrinal discussions that tends to evoke more heat than light. I’ve always found it to be a shame that there is such widespread disagreement in the body of Christ concerning an aspect of theology that is so central to the Gospel itself: the atonement. …

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May 23

Mike Riccardi – A Love that Sharpens

“For out of much affliction and anguish of heart I wrote to you with many tears; not so that you would be made sorrowful, but that you might know the love which I have especially for you.” – 2 Corinthians 2:4 When Paul wrote this verse, false teachers claiming to be apostles had infiltrated the …

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Feb 20

Mike Riccardi – Gospel-Driven Integrity

In 2 Corinthians 1, Paul is defending himself against the accusations of the false apostles, who were taking every possible opportunity to bring reproach upon Paul and his ministry in the eyes of the Corinthians. In what was actually a desire to be loving and considerate toward the Corinthians (cf. 2 Cor 1:23–2:4), Paul made …

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