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Jul 22

Vern Poythress – 3 Reasons to Obey Jesus

Why should we endeavor to obey Christ comprehensively? Why should we serve him in every area of life? There are many reasons. I will mention a few. 1. Christ Is Universal Lord The first and most obvious reason is that Christ is universal Lord. If he is Lord of all, he is Lord over business …

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Jul 12

Michael Boling – “House Rules”

I recently completed a Netflix binge watching journey through all 8 seasons of the medical drama called House, M.D. I am not quite sure what drew me into watching this program. Perhaps it was the allure of the drama itself, specifically the medical aspects of the show. Maybe it was also the fun of watching …

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Jul 02

Samuel Bolton – Legal vs. Evangelical Obedience: Nine Differences

Samuel Bolton, in his book The True Bounds of Christian Freedom, lays out nine differences between legal obedience and evangelical obedience. He writes: 1. Slavish spirit vs. Childlike spirit “In one case the man does things in a legal spirit, either hoping to get rewards by it, or fearing punishments if he omits the duty. …

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Jul 02

A. W. Pink – Evangelical Obedience

This article is designed chiefly for the enlightenment and comfort of those of God’s people who are deeply exercised over their own obedience, and are often cast down by the defectiveness of the same. There is a real need for a Scriptural opening-up of this subject, for there are very few pulpits today — even …

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Aug 17

Richard Phillips – What Is Legalism?

Last Sunday I taught a lesson in the New Members’ Class on Law and Gospel in the Christian life. This is an important subject for all of us, and it has been made more important in recent years because of the large amount of erroneous teaching on it within Christian and even Reformed circles. It …

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Feb 22

Andy Johnson – Scripture Memorization: Great Tool or Old School

I admit it. I’m pretty stupid…spiritually speaking, that is. I’ve been a Christian for over 19 years now, and I daily amaze myself by the amount of spiritual stupidity my own soul is able to harness. I mean, how could I have been on this journey for more than half my life and still be …

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Apr 02

Michael Kruger – Why Do (Modern) Christians Rarely Talk about Rewards in Heaven?

When is the last time you heard a sermon that suggested that a motive for our obedience should be the rewards we receive in heaven? I imagine for most of us it has been a long time, maybe even never. Whenever a sermon (or book) provides a motive for obedience, it is almost always thankfulness …

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May 20

Tedd Tripp – The Power of Presentation

It was one of those conversations that embarrass everyone in earshot. A young mother was desperately trying to explain to a demanding three-year-old why he could not have any of the candy the store had placed at his eye level. As the child became more insistent, the mom became more shrill. Suddenly, perhaps as much …

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