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Feb 22

Dave Jenkins – Overcoming An Addiction to Pornography & Embracing Purity

My sophomore year in high school, I was approached by a number of people who told me that no matter what I wanted, whether it was drugs or pornography, I could have it whenever I wanted. At this time, I was a youth leader not only at church but also at my high school leading …

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Jan 06

Andrew Naselli – Seven Reasons You Should Not Indulge in Pornography

Boys and men today regularly indulge in pornography—even guys who profess to be Christians.1 By “indulging in pornography,” I mean that you sinfully allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of printed or visual material that explicitly describes or displays sexual body parts or activity in order to stimulate erotic feelings. The most common way this …

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Jan 04

David Prince – Ingratitude, Ethics, and Porn?

We tend to think about thankfulness as something we know we should have, especially in regard to the big blessings in life: family, spouse, friends, church, and so on, but it often remains a broad abstraction. Nevertheless, we think of it as something we do occasionally, while giving ourselves permission is the daily course of …

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Dec 22

Randy Alcorn – Parents: It’s Time to Wake Up About Pornography, Sexting, and Your Children

While speaking about sexual purity at my church several years ago, I told parents that if they’re going to let their children have unrestricted Internet access in the privacy of their own rooms, through computers, tablets, phones, or any other device they might as well buy thousands of pornographic magazines and stack them in their …

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Dec 15

Josh Hussung – I Just Caught My Kid Looking at Pornography

It’s a day that you prayed wouldn’t come. You discover that the search history on your computer or phone shows that it has. Your child has been searching for internet pornography. Sadly, this is somewhat of a right of passage for many parents today, and Christians are not immune. A highly sexualized culture, combined with …

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Nov 30

Brad Hambrick – 19 Possible Motive-Triggers for Pornography

Often triggers and motive are treated as two distinct things, and there are differences. But those differences are more akin to two sides of the same coin than apples and oranges. In this post you will examine the things that trigger your sexual sin and the motives attached to those triggers. As you identify the …

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Oct 22

Samuel James – How Pornography Kills Ambition

Porn’s isolating emphasis on pleasing myself actually made me less myself. It’s a familiar pattern. An outgoing, enthusiastic guy begins slowly but surely to change. At first it’s almost imperceptible — a shift in mood or a vacancy in the eyes only those closest to him can see. It’s not drastic or alarming, but it’s …

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Aug 05

Liz Wann – A Letter to My Sons About Pornography

My Dear Sons, The eye beholds much good and evil in this life. Beholding leads to becoming. What we continually put before our eyes and minds will shape and determine who we are. Images either tell the truth or lie, but they all speak. On top of this, our natural eyes are lustful things not …

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Jul 07

Jimmy Needham – The Real Battle for Sexual Purity

I used to look at pornography nearly every day for a decade. But for the past twelve years, by God’s grace, I have not visited a single porn site. For many battling addiction, that sentence embodies what we’re striving for. That sentence, however, is not a success story. As we all know by now, lust …

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May 05

Russell Moore – Why Porn Kills Sex

This week’s TIME magazine features a cover story on a new initiative against Internet pornography. These anti-porn activists, though, aren’t the caricatured pursed-lip moralists. They are instead young men who say that pornography has compromised their ability to function sexually in real life. The cover struck a chord with me because I’ve seen a similar …

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