Raymond Ortlund, Jr. – The Importance of Recapturing Biblical Marriage

Marriage and the Gospel

Reclaiming the biblical meaning of marriage in our culture today matters because the darkness of our generation is deep and profound. And if we lose the biblical meaning of marriage the darkness will become complete.

Marriage bespeaks the gospel itself. So to be clear about marriage, and to live out in our marriages (imperfectly but visibly) something of the dying love of Christ for his bride and her joyful surrender to him—this is vital. People who will never go to church and may never hear the gospel will see the gospel in our marriages and the light will shine, even in this generation.

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Raymond Ortlund, Jr. – The Sacredness of Sexual Intimacy

More Than Allowable

Sexual intimacy in marriage is not only allowable, it is sacred. The Bible says in chapter eight of the Song of Solomon that the passion, intensity, and intimacy in marriage is the very flame of the Lord.

God is not embarrassed by this. God is not ashamed of this. God is not feeling regret about this. It is a gift from above, and greatly sweetens and refreshes a marriage.

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Raymond Ortlund – What Does It Mean for a Man to Lead His Home?

The Nature of Fatherly Authority

One of the things that makes fatherhood difficult in our moment in history is the almost complete collapse of a sense of authority. Legitimate, tenderhearted, unapologetic, fatherly authority in the home.

A father who understands the Bible, loves the Lord, and has surrendered his life to Christ should not apologize for being the head of the house. Instead, he should accept the privilege of bearing the weight of authority in his home—for the blessing of his wife and children.

We see authority in Jesus. In the Upper Room Jesus said, “You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am” (John 13:13). He was very comfortable with that. Then he got down and washed their feet.

Now that is authority.

It is an awareness that God has placed me in his world to play a role that is going to make an impact forever.

I am a father over precious children, someday to be a grandfather. That authority must not be surrendered to the pervasive and corrosive self-doubt of our times. We must accept who God has called us to be and then serve with that authority.

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