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Nov 25

Krizzamer Bagasbas – Obeying Out of Love

I was a teenager once, just like you… I’ve been in those situations where you want to disobey your parents for some shallow and immature reasons; however, if I had the chance to bring back the time, I would have followed them all the days of my life, wholeheartedly. Unlike other teenagers, I was already …

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Nov 20

Tim Challies – Don’t Waste Your Ambition

I wonder if in all of human history there has been a generation that has had your level of ambition, your level of self-confidence. You believe that you can make a difference, that you can change the world, and you have the ambition to get out there and attempt it. I like that. I like …

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Nov 17

Dave Jenkins – Five Pieces of Advice to Help Young People Grow in God’s Grace

Sometimes I enjoy reflecting on how my life has changed from high school to the present. As I do this semi-infrequently, I’m often encouraged by how I’ve grown. Sometimes as I do this, I feel a twinge of regret. During such times, memories of carelessness, ungodly attitudes, and behavior come rushing back at me. In …

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Jul 28

Jaquelle Crowe – 5 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Theology

The world can be really confusing for teenagers. We’re coming of age in a shifting moral landscape, where the most pressing challenges and culture’s loudest critics are ever changing and perpetually conflicting. We see scandals and soundbytes, terrorism and Trump, new sexual ethics and harsh racial tensions, and we wonder, “How am I supposed to …

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Apr 04

Jordan Standridge – 5 Truths We’re Keeping from Our Youth Groups

When I do campus evangelism, I often start the conversation this way: “What are two reasons you stopped going to church?” I’ve asked hundreds of students that question, and the most common responses make me think that church youth groups have failed dramatically. I understand that every human being is responsible for their own sin, …

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Mar 07

Book Review – Critical Conversations: A Christian Parents’ Guide to Discussing Homosexuality with Teens

We live in a time when what once was considered right is now viewed as intolerance. Arguably, this paradigm shift in our culture is most evident when it comes to the subject of gay marriage versus biblical marriage. The recent Supreme Court decision ruling gay marriage to be legal greatly shifted the social landscape. Add …

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Apr 25

Cameron Cole – 5 Tools Needed to Reach Today’s Teens

I have ministered to adolescents for eleven years, eight of them as a youth minister. Based on my conversations with kids and observations in the culture, I consider these five theological tools essential for parents, pastors, and youth ministers hoping to minister effectively to today’s teens. 1. Knowledge about the canonization of Scripture. Perhaps it …

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