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Mar 01

Joel Beeke – Marital Love Must Be Superlative

Contrary to characatures, the Puritans had a lot to say about love, and marital love in particular. In our continuing series (post #1, post #2) we take up their teaching that marital love must be superlative. A husband and wife are to love each other so dearly that both are persuaded that the other is …

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Feb 18

Nick Batzig – 7 Ways to Care for Your Wife

In that extremely complex and, at times, hard to understand section of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, we come across the comparison between the married and the unmarried (1 Cor. 7). In short, the Apostle insists that marriage is good (and the norm) but that it brings with it a division of attention. …

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Feb 16

Joel Beeke – Marital Love Must Be Spiritual

Continuing with our series on the Puritans’ views of marital love (see introduction) we come to the theme of the spirituality of marital love, that is, that is must be in Christ and in accord with God’s commandments. Love must be rooted in the experience of being equally yoked together spiritually as believers. Richard Baxter …

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Feb 04

Raymond Ortlund, Jr. – The Importance of Recapturing Biblical Marriage

Marriage and the Gospel Reclaiming the biblical meaning of marriage in our culture today matters because the darkness of our generation is deep and profound. And if we lose the biblical meaning of marriage the darkness will become complete. Marriage bespeaks the gospel itself. So to be clear about marriage, and to live out in …

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Jan 30

Raymond Ortlund, Jr. – The Sacredness of Sexual Intimacy

More Than Allowable Sexual intimacy in marriage is not only allowable, it is sacred. The Bible says in chapter eight of the Song of Solomon that the passion, intensity, and intimacy in marriage is the very flame of the Lord. God is not embarrassed by this. God is not ashamed of this. God is not …

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Jan 18

Joel Beeke – The Puritans on Marital Love: Introduction

Edward Taylor (c. 1642–1729), a pastor, physician, and poet of Puritan New England, wrote, “A curious knot God made in Paradise…. It was the true-love knot, more sweet than spice” (“Upon Wedlock, and Death of Children,” in The Poems of Edward Taylor, ed. Donald E. Stanford, abridged ed. [New Haven: Yale University Press, 1963], 344). …

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Jan 15

Erik Raymond – A Tip for Husbands

Being a pastor I get to talk to a lot of husbands. They want to have a good, healthy, happy marriage. Many of them are angling for a way to gain an advantage and show their wife that they love and care about her. But in my experience guys can run a little low on …

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Jan 08

Geoffrey Kirkland – Husband: Pray for Your Wife!

There just might be some news that would toweringly soar far above any other news you could receive today. That news is that you have, at this present instant, a Great High Priest who intercedes for you before God’s heavenly throne. At this moment, wherever you are, whatever you’ve done, and however you may feel, …

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Dec 30

Geoffrey Kirkland – Husbands: Learn Your Wives!

Husbands must live with their lives in an understanding way (1 Pet 3:7). The Greek phrase for “an understanding way” literally could be translated, ‘according to knowledge.’ Every husband must dwell together with his wife in such a way that he knows her — very well. That means, quite practically, that husbands must date (and …

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Dec 27

John Piper – Love Her More, Love Her Less: Living for God’s Glory in Marriage

My main point is simple: If your marriage is going to make God look glorious, then you must find more satisfaction in God than in your marriage. The assumption behind the topic and behind the main point is that God is ultimate and marriage is not. God is the most important reality in the universe. …

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